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Septic Site Evaluations & Design

Mineral Remoteness Evaluations



Perc test and test hole used to size septic system

We work with our clients to understand their specific needs and design the right system to address their site conditions. We perform site evaluations which typically includes: test holes and soil percolation/infiltration testing. We also perform Nitrogen Loading Analysis. Based on the results of the site evaluation we size and design onsite wastewater treatment systems. We design all types of onsite wastewater treatment systems. We specialize in alternative systems that solve challenging problems (e.g. limited space, clay soils or unsuitable soils, shallow groundwater and/or rock, environmentally sensitive sites. We specialize in using drones to produce accurate site plans and topographic surveys. 


Many counties require a nitrogen loading analysis for second residences to demonstrate that the regional characteristics are such that an exception to the septic system density limit (e.g. Fresno County = one system per two acres) can be accommodated. We perform the analysis and if needed, we design advanced treatment systems to reduce nitrogen levels to meet water quality standards. 

mineral potential map created by the USGS

Mineral remoteness studies are required when a land owner plans to donate land for a tax deduction and the ownership of the mineral rights are severed or reserved. A mineral remoteness evaluation is required to determine if the donated land qualifies for a tax deduction according to the IRS code (Title 26, Subtitle A, Chapter 1, Subchapter B, Part VI, Section 170 (h)(5)).

Our services include: documenting the nature of the severed mineral rights or outstanding mineral rights, and determining the potential for the occurrence of mineral resources.




We design sustainable, environmentally-friendly onsite wastewater treatment systems for clients in Northern and Central California. Our designs solve common septic problems and help protect water quality.

In addition, we have expertise in mining in California and can help you prepare or update a mining plan, reclamation plan, mine waste characterization, reclamation bond, or mine inspection according to state/federal laws and regulations. Or we can simply help you determine the best mining method for your deposit.

Our principal has over a decade of diverse experience as a mining and environmental geologist. He has worked on projects throughout California in various geologic provinces and environmental conditions. Throughout his career, David has successfully executed challenging projects on private, state, and federal lands. In addition, he has extensive experience with the California Environmental Quality Act and the National Environmental Policy Act.

His experience includes the design and permitting of engineered wastewater treatment and dispersal systems for residences that incorporate "alternative" technology and advanced dispersal systems. David's mining experience includes mineral exploration, determining mineral potential, performing economic evaluations (pre-feasibility analysis), mine-waste characterizations, permitting, developing reclamation plans, calculating reclamation bonds, and overseeing mine reclamation.


We are based in Fresno and Folsom, California and we work with clients all over the Central Valley and Foothill communities including, but not limited to:

  • Fresno County
  • Madera County

  • Mariposa County

  • Merced County

  • Tulare County

  • Kings County



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