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Engineered onsite wastewater treatment systems offer a solution to problematic septic systems because they treat the septic effluent to advanced secondary levels (clear and odorless filtrate) that can be dispersed in near-surface soils (upper 6" to 16") using GeoFlow drip tubing or shallow pressurized dispersal systems. Near surface soils (upper 16") contains more than 90% of the beneficial microbial population and 40% of plant roots where there is abundant oxygen, increased evapotranspiration, and increased hydraulic conductivity.

By performing an adavanced secondary treatment the effluent, no slimy biomat build-up occurs along the floor and sidewalls of the leaching trench. This slimy biomat build-up caused by organic loading is what plugs up the soil and leads to the failure of a conventional leach field.

Unsaturated, well-oxygenated (aerobic) soil conditions are maintained by applying effluent in small, frequent doses (“controlled dosing”). This allows us to recycle the wastewater for use as landscape irrigation.

Advanced alternative systems are ideal for environmentally sensitive areas, and are proven to be sustainable and trouble-free in the long-run.

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